They were not as enjoyable like Runescape

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I'm sure that the majority of RuneScape gold us have been playing the game for awhile now and because of that it probably has affected our lives somehow. It's not in huge ways such as "I met my wife of the future when we got together and played Mahatma on the the edge" but in little ways. Don't make statements such as "I've spent countless amounts of time sitting in front of my laptop."

Here are a few mines. These are minor problems however they don't have any significance. In my Chemistry class in high school, I was only to have learned that Iron+Coal=Steel. I used my Runescape banking pin to open an account for myself whenever I needed it. (Let's not pretend you ever discover!) It's got no money in it though)

Through Runescape I had the opportunity to play other Jagex games, like funorb. They were not as enjoyable like Runescape, but they were fun. They are minor therefore I'm not sure whether they're in the game. But I will remember them if I do.

Here is a bonus one on the way the forums (or at least two forum members) have impacted my life. I came up with a four-letter password in 2006, a long time ago. I really had no idea what I should write down, so I just thought that the first four letter phrase that I thought of would be my password. It turned out that Yuanrang was the currency. While Yuan is also a currency I was not thinking that way.

After a couple of months, I realized it was difficult to enter. I changed the password to Dani (from Danijerika now called Arianna). This was a username/password that I used for a long time. I don't use it anymore. Sometimes I am unsure of what made me think of yuan prior to the four letters that most teens might think of as "bbal" or "sexy" however I think I was in a weird mood that day :P. So go ahead and discuss how running (or even these forums) has influenced your life. It could be a minor influence or OSRS buy gold quite significant.

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